the outsider collective

Our metropolitan area has many hidden intriguing corners but the ones that are found within the imaginations of our local creatives are seldom plumbed, and may be even more interesting. Our collective is mainly a group of artistic individuals struggling to keep a roof over their heads with their 9-5 day jobs but in their off hours, instead of becoming couch potatoes or barflys, they use this time to give birth to their ideas so they can display their internal world to others.

Although not all of our members are that local, they do all frequent it's artistic centers, bohemian night clubs and cafes, some even as entertainers themselves. Being outside or on the peripherie of the professional art and photography scene but still passionately serious about their work, the Collective has come together with an appreciation for each others work. That appeciation enhances each member's individual creativity. By having contact with the other members the collective keeps itself from losing momentum, one of us is usually around to nudge another about what they might be working on next. Another benefit of banding together is that, in the past, many of us found it hard to find venues to show our art but as a group we can help inform the others when an opportunity arises so that we now have more chances to get our work to be seen, and hopefully, find homes with people who appreciate something we have actualized. Here is a link to contact our group if you can't wait for our next showing.

As we develop the Outsider Collective site we hope to have spotlights, and even blogs, for individual members so you can get a peek into where they get their ideas. Sometimes knowing the background, thought process, or technique that made a certain piece possible can really bring it to life.

Next time you see a neighbor carrying a canvas into their apartment or taking a stack of framed Gicle├ęs out of the trunk of their car, be sure to ask to see their latest work. Who knows, they may be a member of our collective, and if so you can be sure they live to share their vision.