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DEA VOLUME THREE: The Processed Cheese Tour
Bag Heads At Large.

Sometime in 1990; DEA is recording their first EP at Island Sound Studios and as Bruno and Happy tune up to record the 3rd tune, Rolling Rocks, little do they know that Doctor Penetration had left the studios and the band forever. Why and what ever happened to him? It is still a mystery but, not to be refused again by the guy they originally yearned to have drum for them, Happy Donuts and Bruno Ravioli rent a 200,000 Watt public address system and have it placed a-top the World Trade Center using it to call Rasutin Ovulteen to service with DEA, as drummer. It worked. Rasputin heard them at his local pub thinking, at first, he had been slipped a mickie but when his stool worn cohorts said they also heard the summons he decide to "check it out".

Rasputin Ovulteen had just come off a 6 month stint recording commercials for various underground artifact manufacturers and was ready to jump back into the 22 Toxic Chemicals again but when bassist Moe Cadava decided to move upstate Mr. Ovulteen became a rudderless ship and could often be found during this time at Quinns reminiscing. Happy and Bruno did not know it when they spent the last bit of money they could scrape up selling old Creem magazines and various reality altering substances to rent that PA to call Raspy but it seems Rasputin Ovulteen only started playing the drums after learning how to play for "Thursday the 12fth". Little did our happless guitarists know it at the time but Ovulteen's manic, fresh, original and FU style of drumming would incite H and B to new heights of songcraft. Now ready to record a proper album's worth of material, Bruno, Happy and Rasputin began work on the "Blast for Me" album at a venue made famous by Leslie West's Mountain, Charles Lane Studio's in NYC. Then it happened. Happiness Krullor Donuts III, while on his property in Vermont, had a traumatic accident with a 40 horse chainsaw causing him to completely forget how to wield his bass guitar.

What to do? Bruno, who was sidelining with power jazz trio "Brumphy" (Gespatcho Griddlecakes, bass and Joe Bedford, drums) had a brainstorm, why not snatch Gespatcho to take care of the bass duties and keep Happy on throat? Well it was easier said than done, Spotch was not very interested in the glitsy, hormone and paste induced lifestyle he had heard our boys were used too and was not joining without first witnessing for himself DEA's "worthyness" by watching them perform at Wave Street. They passed his audition and Gespatcho Griddlecakes became the third bass player to grace DEA, and it's most prolific.

Spotch moves into the "library" at the Norwood Palace with Bruno and Happy. Now New Yorks first 4 piece trio, DEA starts blazing a path no one else COULD (or probably would want to) follow. Finishing "Blast for Me" at Persia Sound in Staten Island after Happy's accident then going on to record "Nosemeat" and "Grinnin' Bear, It, Mellon, Collie, Baby" the latter title of which The Smashing Pumpkins took the liberty of taking partially for their album title years later. Now known as "Americas most ripped off unknown band" with their own DEA Comix and after releasing a compilation video of many of their appearances and documentaries (including commentary)"Flartulent Assembledge", our boys start settling in, getting married, divorced, drunk, playing secret shows as the "BagHeads", and becoming thoroughly lost in the Norwood Place's winding hallways, roofs and stairwells.

By 1994, rehearsing at their Snug Harbour facilty, the four of them start creating music and prose that was so complex and inciteful that even they didn't understand it and, slowly but surely, Gespatcho started having too many other commitments to make time for rehearsal or vacuuming and a replacement had to be found . . .

Rasputin Ovulteen

Happy Donuts

Bruno Ravioli

Gespatcho Griddlecakes

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